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TenXgame - Do what you love the most, play and receive for it.


Collect all the TenXcoins before the flush comes.

Carefully plan your move because you’ve only got three seconds.

This game will test your reflexes and actions under pressure.

Simple Controls (joystick style), Animated Menus, Original & Addictive Gameplay.

Leaderboards, Social Media Share Button.

3 Characters | 2 Unlockable via in-app currency TXC. Restore Purchases, Remove Ads, Review Button.


TenXtower  is a new hyper-casual game.

It is beautifully designed and full of levels.

3 fun different game modes with 26 levels.

Daily TenXcoin rewards, challenges, shop page, share and review services to ensure user retention and enjoyment.

Tumble the towers before they reach your cannon! With each level and mode being different from the last, it is sure to keep users engaged.


You can Challenge your brain to know Your level of thinking about things, just watch the photo then answer the questions correctly to earn TXC coins and improve your skills from the tools shop.

Quiz play with four answer options.

Tutorial file for how to add a question with image.

Over unlimited levels.

Notifications OneSignal.

Display your correct and wrong answer with total score.

Quiz with time limit for each question.




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September 21, 2018

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